Great News – Real Estate in the Naples Area is Looking UP!

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Now, four years after our property inventory levels were at a really crazy high, we can honestly say that things are looking good for the Naples area in terms of real estate.  With great pleasure we would like to share with you how the numbers are looking.  And as you can see from my video, we are all smiles about it.

Inventory Down Fifty-Four Percent in Four Years

When there were about 13,000 homes on the market just a few years ago we had no idea how long it would take to bounce back and get into a somewhat more reasonable level of inventory.  However, who knew that in four short years we would see such a drastic improvement? Today we have just 6,000 homes on the market. Many markets are taking far longer to recover from the harsh impact of America’s real estate bubble bursting but thankfully we are seeing better times ahead on the horizon.

Each Year Keeps Getting Better

Sales at the moment are at about 6,500 for the year – a figure that very happily for us means we are already up 5% over the previous year’s figures.  Factor in that last year’s figures were better than the year before that and you can clearly see the upward trend we are enjoying here in Naples.

Home Values Appreciation May Be On the Horizon

Given all these great trends we have been seeing, we hope to see some appreciation beginning to take place on our properties.  When that happens, we will finally be on the road to a fantastic recovery.
If you want to get in on the action and seize the fantastic buying opportunities out there while you can – give us a call or visit us at so we can go over your preferences, options and anything else you would like to discuss.

Do you have a home you would like to sell so that you can get into something bigger and better while there is still inventory out there to choose from?  Let us guide you through the tools and techniques we have to sell your home effectively while getting a great price in the process.

We’d love to be on your team!

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