How Do We Determine Your Home’s Competition?

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How Do We Determine Your Home’s Competition?

People from all over the world come to live in or vacation to our beautiful Naples community. Who could blame them with our incredible beaches and perfect weather?

Having such a demand for homes is great news for sellers, but how do we get your home noticed? Sellers frequently ask us how they can determine who their competition is so they can become the #1 competitor.

That’s a great question and that’s where with our years of experience, we can help you. When it comes time to market your home, there are a few different critical elements we look at.

Our first step is to look at your neighborhood. What condition are the homes around you in? Are they in good condition and what features and amenities do they have and what are the prices like?

Remember when we said buyers from all over the world come to Naples? When those buyers come, they don’t necessarily have a specific neighborhood they are looking at. Rather, they have certain criteria they want for their home: maybe a gated community, a golf course community or maybe a water front property.

It’s our job then to not only find the competition in your own neighborhood, but find where else in Naples they can buy a home with their wants and needs.

Sounds like a big task, right? How do you find all the homes in Naples similar to yours? Don’t worry; we have the tools, the experience and the networks to not only find out who your competition is, but how to make your home the most appealing to buyers.

If you are thinking about buying or selling, please give us a call at 239.595.8500. We would love to help you! Thanks for watching!

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