Moving to Naples? Learn about Driver’s Licenses and Beach Parking Permits

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If you have bought a home and are moving to Naples or Collier County, here are two driving tips about which you need to be acquainted with. You must get a full Florida driver’s license within 10 days, and you’ll find it helpful to get a free beach parking permit for Naples.

1. When you move to Florida, you must have a Florida driver’s license if you are here more than 10 days. So even if you plan to live in the home just part of the year, you’ll need to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles and apply for a full driver’s license.

2. All Collier County taxpayers are eligible to receive an annual permit to park at all City of Naples and Collier County beaches free of charge.

Residents of the City of Naples may obtain their free annual beach parking permit from City Hall at 735 8th Street South. Residents must provide proof of residency, specifically, a drivers license and original vehicle registration, both with the same name and address within the City limits. Non-residents who own property in the City limits must provide a copy of their Collier County tax statement reflecting an address in the City limits, as well as their current drivers license and vehicle registration.

Collier County offers beach parking to visitors and residents with beach permits.

Residents pay for beach permits in their property taxes and may pick up a beach sticker at any community center at a Collier County Park. Click here for a list of park locations that have community centers and distribute beach parking permits.

Documentation needed to prove eligibility for a free permit, as well as times and locations for Collier County parks, is online at the Collier County Government web site.

This gives you access to parks at the ends of all our beaches where you can park for free, even in spots with parking meters. For Collier County residents, a parking permit can be obtained with a few more requirements.

Learn all about the these beach parking permits at the City of Naples website.

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