We can Help You Decide if Selling is Right or Not

Naples is a beautiful city with gorgeous homes for sale. If you are thinking about buying a home, click here to view all our listings, or if you want to sell, we can provide a Home Price Evaluation. If you have any questions or are interested in meeting for a home buying or selling consultation, please call us at 239-595-8500.

A lot of our clients here in Collier County have been asking us, “Is now a good time to sell my home, or should I wait?” In order to flush out a better answer than ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for you, here are some important things that you will need to consider about our local market in Naples.

  • Our market is not just seasonal: January, February, March and April are not the only times that people sell their homes in Florida. We have many more full-time residents here than in the past, and a lot of businesses are beginning to settle down here in Naples.
  • Summer is a great time to sell: During the summertime all of the ancillary workers here in Naples are less busy as the seasonal residents leave, and they have time to think about moving and buying a new home.
    • A lot of people – especially those with children in school – prefer to move during the summer when they do not have to coordinate school schedules and other priorities.
    • There is also a large amount of fly-in buyers that come to Naples during the winter, and then come summer they have finally decided to come back down to purchase a home that they had been eyeing. This helps them prepare their property for when they come back to spend time here during the winter months.
  • Inventory is low right now, so you have a good opportunity to sell your home quickly, and possibly with multiple offers that will significantly increase your sale price.
  • New construction in Naples is also on the rise, and this could cause some competition for you when you’re selling your home. This also means that we will see more movement as people with older properties may desire to purchase newer ones.

Do you want to know if now is a good time for you to sell? There are many factors to consider, call The Saad Team, your local professionals, to sit down and discuss all of your individual needs.

Is It Time To Sell My Home?

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