Use an Effective Pricing Strategy to Sell Your Naples Home Efficiently

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Pricing Homes Effectively for Efficient Sales

Today we’re here to speak with you about effective home pricing because it’s an issue that we’ve been hearing about on some recent listing appointments
We understand that the real estate market in Naples has shifted, and it is what we would now call a normal market. What this means is that we are seeing homes coming on the market, getting regular offers, and then selling in an average time frame. Another property may come onto our market and sell for a little more than others may have, but we’re not seeing huge price gaps like we had been experiencing in the past.
Our current inventory is steady and sales prices are proportionate to active listing prices, so this points to a neutral market here in Naples. Because of this, some home sellers assume that they can price their homes very high to begin with, and then lower their asking prices if they’re not receiving any good offers.
Starting with a lofty listing price and then leveling out is a foolhardy pricing strategy because it will likely net you less money than pricing your home moderately and attractively, and it will also shrink your pool of buyers. When a buyer sees that your home is priced unreasonably, he/she will probably not even entertain the idea of looking at it again. You essentially price yourself off of the market if you price too steeply.
When you price your home effectively you make buyers compete over your property, and thereby raise your sales price through competition. A good price brings a steady pool of buyers that will be willing to pay a little extra for your property because they see great value in it. Overpricing the property typically results in fewer showings, a shrinking pool of buyers, and longer days on market, which produces lower offers. Create value and competition for your home through pricing!
What you really need to ask yourself is why an agent would tell you that you can sell your home for more money when comparable sales in the same area say otherwise? When you sell your property you need to be aware of what other properties are selling for in your area. Ultimately, it’s the market that will determine the best listing price for your home. A realtor can tell you that they will be able to list your home at a higher price than other agents, but this does not mean that your home will be selling for that price, if at all.
When our team meets with you, we will show you all the active listings in the area, and any pending or recently closed sales.  This will aid us in understanding the nuances of the market landscape and how it is going to affect the sale of your home. We will not price your home blindly or make any uniformed decisions. We realize that your real estate transaction is of the utmost importance to you, and we will only make decisions with the highest degree of certainty that they will benefit you.
If you have any questions about how to attractively price your home so it will sell in our real estate market in Naples, then please give us a call and we would be glad to discuss our proven pricing strategy with you.
You can call us at (239) 595-8500 or email us at

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